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Rope Amethyst Nugget Wire Wrapped Copper Bracelet | Grace Andersen Designs
Rope amethyst nugget copper bracelet, large purple stone in center, oblong irregular shape, detailed wire wrapping on both sides of stone, copper clasp closure, handcrafted artisan jewelry, Grace Andersen Designs

Rope Amethyst Nugget Wire Wrapped Copper Bracelet | Grace Andersen Designs

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Rope amethyst nugget copper bracelet 

Get ready to fully express your inner fashionista. Show off your style with this rope amethyst nugget copper bracelet!

Rope amethyst nugget copper bracelet is exceptional 

This rope amethyst nugget copper bracelet outshines others in appearance and style. It is the perfect accessory to enhance or complete any outfit. You can use jewelry to brighten up someone else's day or your own. It would certainly be a delight to receive this piece of jewelry as a gift. A fascinating detail is that the 7th wedding anniversary gift is copper. So keep this in mind for that special day!

Rope amethyst nugget copper bracelet is handcrafted 

This handcrafted artisan bracelet surrounds the wrist. The antiqued copper wire shows off the details of the weaving. It has a large, beautiful amethyst nugget. The stone is arranged in the center and is the focal point of the bracelet. This bracelet uses a copper hook for closure. I gently forged, shaped, sanded and polished this piece, all skillfully by hand. The natural beauty of copper make this a popular item.

Mystical meaning: Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone. It works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical plane to  promote calm, balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience. See more: Amethyst

Copper helps to improve your awareness and expand your consciousness. It also strengthens bonds between people. Improved circulation is also a known benefit of Copper. See more: Copper

Measurement: Size Medium

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