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Braided Red Malachite Sterling Silver Bracelet | Grace Andersen Designs
Braided red malachite sterling silver bracelet, orange-red stones wrapped in wire, hook closure, handcrafted artisan jewelry, Grace Andersen Designs

Braided Red Malachite Sterling Silver Bracelet | Grace Andersen Designs

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Braided red malachite sterling silver bracelet 

I have learned there is a special feeling that comes with having the freedom to buy your own jewelry. This eye-catching braided red malachite sterling silver bracelet will give you the sense of freedom you are looking for!

Braided red malachite sterling silver bracelet is wire wrapped 

The timeless style of this bracelet is great for everyday wear. Give this bracelet as a gift to yourself, or another. Keep in mind this makes the perfect 25th wedding anniversary gift, which is silver.

Braided red malachite sterling silver bracelet is of artisan style

Handcrafted to a standard of perfection, this bracelet is unique. I used 925 sterling silver and a wire wrap method. The design consists of sterling silver braided with red malachite stones. The braid show off the stones beautiful red color. This bracelet has a back clasp for closure. I gently shaped, sanded and polished this piece, all by hand.

Mystical meaning: Red malachite brings internal peace and harmony. It allows us to free our emotions from negative patterns. Red malachite also helps one to make necessary changes in his or her life.  See more: Red Malachite

Silver is a metal. It is associated with psychism, love, peace and protection. It is often used for foretelling the future, psychic dreams, or to attract money. See more: Silver 

Measurement: Bracelet is 7 1/4 inches circumference, size medium. Please measure for accuracy..

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